Witness Young Adult Conference (WYAC) is a conference designed to teach all ages how to be the ultimate missionary for Christ. We believe we live in the last days, and God has called us to reach and save the lost. Our practical approach is designed not to just sermonise, but allow delegates to become 'hands-on' through workshops, networking and soul winning activities.

In the words of inspiration, "With such an army of workers as our youth, rightly trained, might furnish, how soon the message of a crucified, risen, and soon-coming Saviour might be carried to the whole world!" Ellen G White, CSA p66.

Witness Conference is a trademark and subsidiary of VR Destiny.



"Now is the time to prepare for the coming of our Lord. Readiness to meet Him cannot be attained in a moment’s time. Preparatory to that solemn scene there must be vigilant waiting and watching, combined with earnest work." Ellen G White, OFC p222.

Witness Conferences were formed when a small group of university students, unsure of the Lords calling in their lives, came together to petition the Lord in prayer. The result was a still small voicing calling out to go and organise a missionary training conference throughout Australia and the world.

Although this seemed a rather large calling, by faith they responded to the call, believing that if they placed their feet in the Jordon, that the waters would part. And indeed they did.

5 years on and the conference has had thousands of attendees, been endorsed by President Ted Wilson, and have seen many lives touched. Witness Conferences is a testimony of how God can use any man, woman or child whom with a humble heart, approaches their Maker in faith.



Since the beginning of the first Witness Conference in 2012 the Lord has sent many a shining light to help promote, organise & teach at our conferences. These include:

Pr Ted Wilson (GC president), Pr Stephen Bohr (Secrets Unsealed), Pr Kevin Sears (Amazing Facts), Pr John Lomacang, Taj Pacleb (Revelation of Hope), Pr Jorge Munoz (AUC president), Pr Geoff Youlden (Union Evangelist), Pr Sherwin Jack, Pr Justin Torossian (great great grandson, Ellen White),  Pr Luke Narabe (Fijian president) Pr Luke Stuart, Pr Ricardo Scheffer, Pr Zeny Vidacak, Pr Arturo Masci, Pr William Moala, Pr Joseph Khabbaz, Charissa Fong, Marleta Fong, Pr  Daniel Gomez, Monique Brown, Orion Ka, Pr Kiren Roberts, Andrew Mpita, Dr Warren Shipton, Jelena Shipton, Andre C Waller, Angela Lomacang, Pr Tapiwa Mutseriwa, Marcha Williams, Pr Taj Pacleb, Pr Greg Pratt,  Tim Leposa, Jelena Shipton, Anesu Gands, Shaquille Autufuga, Cassie Egyed, Mase & Kaylani Faatoe (VR Destiny), Soni Waqa (VR Destiny) & Zeb Hourigan (VR Destiny).

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