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Inspire, train and proclaim...In a nutshell, God's great commission for us to finish His work! And with the signs of the times proclaiming Christ's coming is near, what a moment in history to proclaim the gospel to all the world.

This year our focus connects with President's Ted Wilsons 'Total Member Involvement' initiative, as well as preparing for Taj Paclep's evangelistic campaign.



Conferences of this nature can cost a lot of money, but we try our best to keep our prices low as possible. Our only objective is to pay the bills. It is through the donations we have received that we have been able to keep our prices below average.

Registration Process for Fiji - This website will not be taking online registrations for Witness Fiji. All registrations will be taken by the local Fijian Conference. Please contact Pastor Timoci Lomani for information on how to register: timoci_lomani@yahoo.com. Thank you!

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